Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Ducati Monster 696

If it appears that all branches of the city, overrun with Ducati in these days, perhaps because monsters. Italian manufacturer of motorcycles barely visible on the dollar, motorcycle scene in 1992 as it was imported, monsters. Today, Ducati sells over 10,000 bikes during the year here. Of course, many of them are Super-Cool Retro Bikes and Classic Sports, but the monster is still the largest part of turnover Ducati.

In 2009, Monster has its first restructuring, more comfortable for most drivers to maintain a riding close to the steering wheel, and a size small. The new cabinet retains the signature of the basic impact ( "Naked") design, but the wheel, the look is updated with the shell, oblong-headlights and LED taillights. Ducati offers a range of accessories, owners, for the design.

696, instead of last year, 695 is the base model ($ 8775 EIA) and the review of Monster. The 696 cc engine with two new heads sports, the great power: 80 hp at 9000 rpm and 51 pounds-feet of torque at 7750 rpm, with six speeds. New to the Brembo brakes, is the overexuberance.

Upon the initiative of the new Monster 696 motorcycle for my first lesson of history, I can tell you that I thought was cool, but I have no benchmark for comparison with other motorcycles. I can also tell you that I have almost no potential productivity (less than 3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph top speed is estimated at 135 miles per hour). It was nature, like the Ferrari drivers Ed

The 1st Banning of a Motorcycle Clubs Colors in the USA

If you are a Member of a Motorcycle Club as I am, I'm sure you have heard about how a Judge has banned the Colors of the the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Not only are the Members not aloud to wear their Colors but any item that has their Colors on it must be forfeited upon demand. I can not expect those who are not in a Motorcycle Club to understand what this really means! Twenty years ago this would have struck fear into the soul of every US Citizen! Today I am sure most, probably, will not even hear about it and those that do will probably not care! What has happened to this Country?

I can not believe this is actually happening, I have been writing stories on this for years. Part of me had always hoped I was just being paranoid or that all the Motorcycle Clubs would some how come together on some level and work out the problems. I have been getting emails on how the Story I wrote last year called "Taken from a History book in the year 2095" does not sound so far fetched any more?

Are there Criminals in Motorcycle Clubs? We hear about Drug dealers, Rapists and Murderers in the NFL and NBA all the time. When was the last time you heard of a Biker running a Dog fighting ring? Can a Judge just ban the Logo of a Sports Franchise if its Members are involved in some kind of Criminal activity? You may be saying No because its different. Well I say it is only different because they haven't done it yet! There are the same problems in Motorcycle Clubs that there are in all organizations. The Police force has much more Criminal Activity going on in it then all the Motorcycle Clubs put together! Only Difference is they can bury the Truth! When it comes to Motorcycle Clubs and criminal activity the big difference is, The legend of Motorcycle Clubs is we are America's bad boys and it just sells so dam good.

This injustice can not be allowed to stand!!! I am sure some Sport Bike Clubs and AMA Club's feel they have nothing to fear! I am sure many are thinking this has nothing to do with them, Its only the Outlaw and 1% Clubs! They are thinking this isn't about us "we are the good guys". This is how to defeat us, take down the top level's first! The other levels will make excuses as to why it is not their fight and stand aside. All Bikers must join the fight now because once they are done with the Outlaw and 1% Clubs, Who do you think they will be looking at Next? Once the Outlaw and 1% Clubs are gone there will be no one left to come and help when they come for you!

I am pretty sure this is still the USA and this is completely against everything this Country was founded on and stands for! We all must ask, If this ruling is allowed to stand what Motorcycle Club will it be next? Will it be yours? What will the reasons be that they will use to ban your Clubs patch ? Will Jay walking be enough? Is that too ridiculous? How about if your an MC member and you get caught with a bag of marijuana? Is that enough? Will there have to be 2 Members involved? 3? What reason will they need to ban your Motorcycle Clubs patch?

When Motorcycle Clubs start having their Colors banned many members will start or join new Clubs,Because that is what we are Motorcycle Club Members! Soon the government will realize this and then Ban Motorcycle Clubs all together! Any one who thinks their Club is not at risk is kidding themselves! The time to unite and try to work together was yesterday! Today we have no choice but to ban together and fight for or right to survive for tomorrow it will be time to hide!!!

Even if some how all the Motorcycle Clubs can come together and work to win this fight, It is just the beginning and there will be many more rounds to come. If we are to win this fight we MUST at least make it to the 2nd round, Then we will have a Minute to pull ourselves together!!!

I am Your Bro L.J. James Listen to LJs Radio Show at

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Customize your own bike, the dream to live and make you a monster off-one. Discover the new accessories on the line. Monster Web site

Least 50% of maintenance costs IN ANY DUCATI 2008

We are proud to announce that the Ducati 2008, all models need less frequent, fewer parts and less labor while each and every service, resulting in a sharp reduction in planned maintenance costs - Up to 50% *.

Reducing the costs of repair, if your visit Ducati distributors of maintenance is a way for the quality of the new Ducati. It also contributes greatly to the ownership experience as a Ducati is satisfactory, as the Ducati riding.

Research and development is the number one investment on the Ducati factory. This investment in performance and quality of our factory processes, machinery and men, construction of each Ducati. With "Engineering-in" by the quality of design, material and control all Ducati owners enjoy significant and measurable improvements in every Ducati motorcycle.

For a driver, the best measure of the quality of riding. We feel a new smoothness on the legendary Ducati L-twin, a progressive nature of the powerful brakes and more confidence, driving in each series. Reliability and quality - another is the proof you need.

Ducati protects your passion
From October 2008, each customer to buy a new Ducati in Europe a little palette back protection as an option. If the challenge to the movement of the city, enjoy the curves of the mountain or a day on the track, this initiative aims to help all drivers Ducati be aware of their security
through use reasonable and appropriate protection - including an optional back protection.

Ducati is responsible for promoting security and the European Charter of road safety, to contribute to the goal of halving the number of road accident deaths by the end of 2010. The programming, promoting awareness and measures to reduce the number of victims of road accidents, May save 25,000 lives.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Choosing Your New Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycles, there are a multitude of names and models of choice, as a driver taste varies each driver, the wheel must be perfectly adapted.

The choice of a motorcycle is a very good experience, but for beginners is perhaps a little intimating.

If you for the first time in the race, you can, in the light of models bicycle, certainly the most difficult of bicycles, more fun and so much the better, but they require some experience in handling and you do not want to that you have violated or your new bike wreck, then begin your experience, on a scale up to move on a model heaviest begin the real pleasure.

To ensure that you're entitled, you have to category bicycle route, there are bicycles, motorcycles custom made, cruisers and sport bikes. each have another type of functionality and specifications. You must spend some time researching your bike, especially if you are a man, such as studies show that men buy their bikes on an impulse, while women spend more time on research.

You must keep in mind that, in addition to the big bike fits your body and you should feel good, riding as if you do not want the back pain, if you're in the middle of the road with your friend in a race!

They should 3 main points of contact. Hands, feet and down. they should all, where most comfortable.when pulling on the handle, you should see a slight bend in the elbows and knees, while your heels on the ground, with experience, you select the best places for different operations conduct.

They should also bar the width of the handlebar raiser and adapt, you should try a few bikes, then you select the differences between the best choice.

Selection of seats is very critical, you must be the seat is very comfortable, especially if they are long trips, there are a multitude of accessories seats on the market, you can see some friends or try riding with them after a long journey, select a perfect, but you start with the original, then the bicycle seat, making it comfortable and this is not the case, look for one of the best

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Private Jet Costs - Are There Cheap?

The two main reasons why human beings are chartered private jets for emergencies, either in family or company and strengths in a dream of a lifetime vacation. Even in such a case, it is necessary to calculate precisely, private jet costs.

When arises an emergency, there is often not enough time for me time by the rituals increasingly on a commercial flight and run the risk is not to address the emergency needs your attention . Given that the time to familiarize themselves with a crisis of the family is of inestimable value and a business meeting can be missed spellcheck a disaster for businesses, so that in these circumstances, costs of a private jet is negligible.

Win a good income is the goal of every human being and, most importantly, we are working very hard to achieve. The only thing many of us forget is that our bank balance is very healthy not the only important issue we need to balance our physical well-being and mental. It is a harsh reality that a lot of people look back on their lives and recognize that they are too busy to their age or rainy day, who never forgot and she came to appreciate their lives. She never the time, in this dream, that the leave or off jettete romantic on the objective was, before it is too late.

Yes, arithmetic, the cost per flight hour flight and expenses, is the logical thing to do. So remember to remove is the dream vacation in a private jet, flying in the lap of luxury with all your needs of the crew, will take care of your desires. Then a wonderful time spending holidays, then will be delivered home safe and sound with minimal noise and stress-free. Take the total bills, and you will see that the private jet costs are not as high, after all.

How to Rent Ski Equipment on your Ski Vacations

Many local ski rentals of ski equipment, and they may even packages lease, where on bail, anything you need for a ski season. This can be an excellent opportunity, those of several ski holiday in the year. An advantage of renting space in a store near you, it is likely that less costly and your equipment, you can, instead of waiting in long lines and paying rents higher prices, if the ski area. The reverse of the arrivals on the spot, transporting your ski at home in the locality. Some ski shops allow their customers to register their equipment in the day or night free, it's a nice profit when you are back on a long day on the runway.

Most packages are also rental of skis, boots and poles. You should make a selection of skis or the provision of beginners. Most companies have accessories for junior skiers. Ski Helmets for an additional price. The fact that the additional costs to value is also through security wearing a helmet. Many parents make sure their children, ski helmets, if they want to or not. There is always a possibility, if the tracks are full, that accidents and collisions happen.

Remember, if you opt for a ski Resort, many packages are also the prices of handsets, you can use all day. Most instructors ensure that you are fully equipped, before the slopes. Ski, lessons for beginners can be fun for the whole family!

Rental equipment of the rule of skis, ski boots, sticks and helmets.

Skiers are normally have the possibility of leasing the objects individually or as a package. Many clubs also offer different combinations of ski objects such as skis and shoes, helmets and ski poles and sticks, etc. Some stations offer full-time price or price of the afternoon only skiing . Some packages cost as little as $ 20 per day, others cost $ 50 or more for 24 hours. Some stations automatically on insurance for a few dollars a day, it may be worthwhile for insurance, if you have a beginning skier. If you refuse, insurance, only a slight accident could cost as much as he would have been if you paid for the insurance industry to begin.

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